If you just need a starter kit to start a project off, we can evaluate your Companies needs and tailor a template that will get you started on a Project. 

We also offer trainings in creating your own customized templates!

Contact us today for a template quote or a training in customized templates!

Content Creation

BIM Realm, LLC. has a Vault of Content. In order to begin a Revit Project there are certain Content that is very important to have in the Project. If there is specific Content that needs to be built please fill out a Quote Form with the cut sheet of the Content attached.

Contact us today or fill out a contact form to inquire about Content Creation!


BIM REALM, LLC. does customized training to fit the clients needs!

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Drafting & Design

We offer Renderings and efficient Drafting and Design solutions for our Clients. If you want to add more power behind your projects and outsource to a reliable team, BIM Realm, LLC. can assist with the following Trades:

Architectural       Structural

Mechanical          Electrical     

Fire Protection   Plumbing

BIM Managment

BIM Realm, LLC. offers Modeling and Coordination services using Revit, Navisworks and other platforms and softwares to detect Constructability issues contributing to ROI. For some, it could be Modeling a building to add to a Marketing Portfolio. 

Architectural      Structural     

Mechanical          Electrical 

Fire Protection   Plumbing


BIM Realm, LLC. offers Pre-Fabrication services using Trimble SysQue. By using Pre-Fabrication methods you are saving time and money when it is time to construct. The smaller items are already assembled, so there is recovered ROI. 

Mechanical          Electrical