B.I.M. Realm, LLC. is a company that teams up with Architects, Engineers and Contractors to build better buildings. As we go full force into a world of technology, the AEC Industry is adopting technology into their day to day activities to be more accurate and advanced with their role in the building process. Below are the trades we service with room for expanding in the future.

Architectural          Structural          Electrical         Mechanical          Plumbing          Fire Protection


B.I.M. Realm, LLC. is a machine that produces quality work for our clients no matter how big or small the project. BIM helps with ROI at all stages from Conceptual and Design to Construction to Building Management to Renovation and the cycle starts back over. 

The Industry has started shifting to digitizing the records and information of a Building so that it is documented and used to increase the overall building life cycle. For the Owner and Building Manager, all information in compiled into one file to maintain the building. Contractors can visually see the model of the building before it is built and work constructability issues before construction making more ROI for the project. Architects and Engineers that need more power behind your team

BIM Realm, LLC. has the experience to be a very reliable powerhouse for client needs.